Filestream and filestream2 not working with 27.2 and windows 7

Hallo an alle,

ich hab ein Problem mit dem abspielen von Videos mit Filestream und Filestream 2.

Sobald ich (Play = 1 und Directory zeigt auf fehlerfreies, mit VLC abspielbares Mpeg Avi) Videoout oder Videotexture (+ Quad und Renderer) anschließe werden die Videos nicht geladen (Position=0 / Duration=0) und der Mainloop geht in die Knie (3-5 fps) mit voll ausgeschlagenem Preparegraph …

Ich hab beim besten willen keine Ahnung woran das liegen könnte, auf einem XP Rechner mit gleicher Beta und gleichem Video läufts reibungslos.

für Hilfe wäre ich sehr dankbar …

danke im voraus


could very well be a codec problem. you might want to doublecheck that you have the same codecs installed and settings applied as on your xp box.

edit: also, why not give the shiny new beta 28 a try?

it is not the codec, for sure … works fine on other systems and it is installed and registered too…

i had the same problem once before with the beta 26 but it just disappeared … any other suggestions?

is the VideoTexture set to NonPow2?

yes it is. when connecting the filestream to a videotexture, TTY outputs 'nil pins cannot be connected in directshow graph / Der Vorgang konnte nicht ausgeführt werden weil die filteranschlüsse nicht verbunden sind / Der Vorgang konnte nicht ausgeführt werden weil die filteranschlüsse nicht verbunden sind

Could it be a SLI related issue?
I tried to disable one of the cards in the nvidia - display driver but that didn’t change anything.

I fiddeled a bit more… the error seems to be related to the filestream node:

filestream2 seems to work but throws a Access violation exception when any of the output pins is connected. the only output pin that shows data in any way is the bytes to read pin. it shows 16… I think this show that it is working.
Connecting a node to any of the pins or hovering over a pin drops the performance to 3 fps. In the perf meter the light pink meter is cranked to the max.

filestream seems to just do nothing at all. No output data, no exceptions and so on

Ich checked again with 2 other system, both 64 bit Windows 7 and discovered the same problem …

But it still works fine on XP and XP 64 bit systems …

i really dont have any clue how to fix it …

i’d still suggest it is most likely a codec problem. so it would be interesting to find out what codec exactly is being used on the working system.

are you familiar with graphedit? using the inspektor on the FileStream (DShow9) you can enable Expose Graph to ROT which in turn allows you to view the graph using graphedit. there you can inspekt the decoder and find out which codec is used exactly.

does media player play it on win 7?

hey guys,

im srry but i was out of the country for some time and couldnt test anything on the systems.

The Filestream (2) node just plays wmv and audio (wav, aif) clips. The Media Player plays everything (uncompressed avi, picvideo avi, wmv, etc.)

The Graphedit shows that ffd show is used to play the videos in vvvv.

any ideas how to fix it?



i am pretty sure that your problem has to do with this “media foundation thing” in Win7. Win7 is by default not using direct show but media foundation to play several file formats.

You could use Win7DSFilterTweaker
to set everything to directshow.
If you did this (note vvvv is using 32bit decoders) vvvv should behave like windows media player and play all files with installed 32bit direct show codecs.


I’m sure kalle had a nice write-up of this somewhere

be sure to check out VLC plugin too- it’s very nice

Very nice guys,

that was the solution!!!

still strange but it works :-)