Filestream and audio file

Hi people,
I want to use FFTRecorder playing an audio file with Filestream; but this node reads video files and not audio files, it doesn’t even display duration.

Any idea about that?


TTY window displays that:

00:01:54 : Removing node: SampleGrabber from filtergraph
00:01:54 : Adding node to filtergraph: FileStream (DShow9)
00:01:54 ERR : File not found.

00:01:55 : Adding node to filtergraph: FFT (DShow9)
00:01:55 : Connecting from: FileStream (DShow9).Audio to: FFT (DShow9).Audio
00:01:55 * : nil pins can not be connected in directshow graph
00:01:55 : getting output of SampleGrabber
00:01:55 : Getting input of NullRenderer
00:01:55 ERR : There is no common media type to those pins.
00:01:55 ERR : The operation cannot be donne because pins are not connected.


00:01:54 ERR : File not found.

is a quite simple message, your path must be wrong.
but to record the fft data, you can play your audio with any software you want…

Hi tonfilm & thanx for replying,

That sounds strange because the filepath is exact and plays normally in other apps… It works with no audiofile, but it does with videofiles.

Take care,

Filestream can’t read audiofiles from my Iomega USB2 external HDD, but it’s possible for files on internal system HDD… Problem of hard disk rights?