FileOpenDialog vs Timer Nodes


vvvv kept closing on me when I hit Escape during file dialogs.
I just noticed why.

I guess this is by design, that timers will keep running while the MainLoop is on halt. But this is pretty annoying in this case.

While we’re at it, why isn’t the FileTexture dialog async like the Dialog (File Open) node?


FileDialogTimedNodes.v4p (7.3 kB)

why should time change just because a frame takes longer?

and the FileTexure dialog is a native component running in the same thread as the rest of the gui whereas the dialog is a windows forms component hosted by a plugin (rough guess)

Suppose it’s “only” a TimerFlop bug, its “internal time” shouldn’t be running at all when Set isn’t true.

Workaround.v4p (8.0 kB)

who uses TimerFlop (Animation) anyways, stupid node :D

it was made as exact counterpart to [MonoFlop (Animation]( and while i was already trying to bugfix Timerflop i figured, that Monoflop shows the exact same ‘annoying’ behaviour

mono vs timer test (6.9 kB)