File texture & video texture fix to 3d geometry,how?

we can see in the geo renderer, the videotexture looks random transformed,

my question is :
is there any node to control the texture (fileTexture & video Texture ) to fit the Model ?

if not, is there any possibility to control ?

How can I construct the basic structure?

maybe control the geo’s vertex ? like Homography (Transform 2d) ?

Hi Andm,
I’m currently working on a series of patches to do mapping, texture resampling, warping, masking etc… and it might be helpful…

If you can explain a bit more what you’d like to do, and what kind of results you need, I’m quite keen to give you a hand !

from what i can see from the screenshot you have to:

turn the depthbuffer on. click renderer,hit ctrl-i, add a depthbuffer
connect both projection AND view transform of the camera

the mapping of the texture is defined by the texture coordinates.
you should have some kind of uv mapping editor in 3ds max.