File Texture DX11 Not Spreadable?


as the Headline says somehow File Texture DX11 seems to be not spreadable…
Anyone else has the same behavior?



Sorry its not the File Texture, but the Quad DX 11 seems not to handle spreaded Texture…

i can confirm this, same behaviour here. i guess the Quad (DX11.Layer) is just a convenience module but not fully implemented yet.

use Constant (DX11.Effect) and a Quad (DX11.Geometry) instead - this works with spreaded textures.

Fixed for next release, missed that one ;)

Please note that quad node batches internally (unless you have state/texture as spread > 1, in other cases it will add all data into buffers and send all the quads into a single draw call.

Also for some reason some (crappy) drivers struggle with buffer support (I’m absolutely not pointing at Intel ;)

So if a simple quad/renderer turns black, check if you have buffer support in Info (DX11), update your intel drivers, make sure you enable Nvidia card in case of optimus .