File Handling

a new node which otputs all the file information provided by windows would be extremly usefull, informations like:
-date created
-date changed
-picture size (the current “info (ex9.texture)” just provides information about the scaled the size)

everthing that could be viewed and listed in common windows window…

i know there are nodes like “modification date” which provides such information.
the question is if its better to distribute this information over several nodes or include everithing in one node. something like FileDetails (File)

what do you think?

-a “MakeDir”-node would be nice
i know theres a workaround with shell execute…

Info (EX9.Texture) actually outputs the size of the texture. not the size of the original file. right. that is a problem. seems your graphic adapter cannot deal with nonpow2 textures…