File (de)compression

So someone have a clever way to compress/uncompress files in vvvv? I know it is possible with command line tools using shellExecute but it would be interesting if it exist in vvvv.

Note to self: perhaps this is a good project to start importing libraries in VL.

this should indeed be quite straight fwd with vl. start here:

and let us know if you have any problems.

Did this in my naivety, I don’t understand why it does not work. is it possible to see some debug info? (1.1 MB)

It works… just remember the folder you extract to

@joreg @sunep
I get a red node.
Absolute path gave no result. No result creating new template with exact name, closing vvvv, copypasting from original to new template, reopening patch. TTY just says can’t connect pins.
I assume 32\64 bit makes no difference.
Any help?

You need the 35.9 alpha. For me the 64 bit worked fine.
On the other side i had to remove the quotes from the target path to make it work.

what @tgd said

Confirmed. I also had to point to a directory in the local computer, to have it saved; otherwise it says
Access to the path 'C:\Users\xxx\Documents\Dropbox\_vvvv_patches\___Work\xxx\VL-Zip\Tests\Decompressed' is denied.
@sunep, that firewall is great.

P.S. As a plus, I also hidden the username, and a random folder. I got your back.

@sunep verygood!
two things:

  • did you manually enable ‘Forward Pins’ on the ExtractToDirectory node? if so why? if not, how did you place the node there? (bottomline: it is just not necessary in this case)
  • we cannot yet specify subtypes for pins yet, so you’d be able to specify that the Filename input would be actually of subtype filename and the Directory input would be of subtype directory. but: one thing you can do at least for the Filename input: remove the String annotation on the pin and place a ToString [IO.Path] node between the input and the ExtractToDirectory node. this will propagate a subtype of filename to vvvv and you can conveniently select files via rightclick. on the Directory input in vvvv you’ll still have to press SHIFT+rightclick to bring up the folder-chooser dialog.

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