FiducialTracker and its IDs

FiducialTracker doesnt output IDs. (which I guess it is supposed to do)

See the help patch of FiducialTracker: It connects to the ID pin to get the Marker IDs but it is in fact the ID pin of the vvvv node.

There is also an Fiducial ID Pin (fix for the above?) but it only gives booleans. (???)


helo tom,

right, but should only be with addonpack_40beta22_02 and will be fixed with beta>22.

the node had 2 output pins named ID so i renamed one to Fiducial ID and forgot to update the helppatch shipping with mentioned addonpack.

so if you work with the latest addonpack the Fiducial ID pin is the correct one. not sure though, what you mean with…
but it only gives booleans. (???)
you mean you only get 0 and 1 out there? i am getting a 7 right now…