FFT Shader?


Is there any way to make a FFT shader?
Would be fine to work with 1024 or 2048 spreads of data.

Thanks a lot

hm… could be possible, but what kind of data do you want to transform?

what do you mean by FFT shader? do you want to calculate the Fourier transform of some data in a shader, or just use the fft (from the fft node or somewhere) in your shader somehow?

Sorry for the late response.

I mean, to use the gpu to calculate the FFT data, normaly i work with 1024 bands but is interesting to work with more than this for other proyects.

Would be nice to create a node like the old one but working into the gpu.

Is this posible?

Thanks a lot for your help

keep in mind, that data never comes back from a shader.

for this purpose we would need some kind of a cuda wrapper

you can easily write a fft plugin, using value as input.

to do it in cuda is possible, but you will have the problem of double/float conversion (as vvvv uses double internally), so not sure you will have massive performance improvement, for very high set of data that might be useful tho.

Thanks a lot for the response and the information about shaders, ím a beginner ;) i didn´t know that data can not comes back from a shader.


in fact you can get data back from a shader.

but only via rendering and maybe using Pipet (EX9.Texture) to reconvert to colors and e.g. RGB (Color Split) to convert to values again.

of course you can
but that kills the performance advantages…