FFT problem


I have some problem about FFT.
FFT seems to detect system sound on my PC.
I tried audiomixier and audiorecordselector.
However, it did not work correctly.

There are not waveoutmix or stereomix on soundpanel.
My sounddriver is Sigmatel High Definition Audio Codec.


I want to detect from music played by WindowsmMediaPlayer.
Does anyone have advice?

please help!!

sorry my bad english…

vvvvs audioinput will only deal with sources which are directly available in windows. so if your sound card does not show any waveout or stereomix inputs in its control panel, you will not be able to access them in vvvv.

i presume your soundcard is a more specialized high-end card, and not a general-purpose sound card.

one option would be a cable, which feeds the data from the sound card back into the computer.
there are also tools on the net, which allow you to record output from the computer back into it as an input… i somehow forgot the names though…

Its worth checking in your windows record settings that you have a stereo mix option enabled, if you click on the oud speaker in your task bar o bring up playback settings,->options-> recording and make sure its ticked, if its not there, you cant do it! If it is any isnt ticked that might solve it?

I am also using Sigmatel Audio driver (on an intel mac running windows).
I am using AudioIn connected to FFT.
The result is some very fast moving readings that dont seem to change much in range unless they recieve a very loud noise.
I would like to do some pitch detection ( like the fiddle object in Max / PD ).
Can you point me toward some patches that might help a beginner with this ?
I’ve looked at the beat detection patch but cant decipher it.
Also I’ve tried to find the vvvv irc channel - is it still running - where ?


damn… i logged in to check for exactly the same…

i use sigmatel sound card too…an i do not see any response too fft node. thought i had a problem with my card…but i checked on 3 other systems too who had employed sigmatel…no respose.

The answer is here: