FFT Player

Hi all,

I’m trying to use an audio signal in a patch of mine, so I tried with Tonfilm’s FFT Recorder. It works perfectly but I cannot read the txt files afterward with FFT Player… RegExpr node returns null outputs.

I tried to record from Filestream and AudioInput but nothing changes.

So, any idea?


a fresh download works fine for me. does the player patch know where the recorded text files are?

Hi tonfilm, yes I entered the right directory in the player. It recognizes the string out of the files but it can’t interpret them.


perhaps the filenames have a wrong formatting then. the regex is:

so the filename must contain a string like dXXXXXXd_tXXXXXXt, where XXXXX is meant to be a time value. does this help?

Yes, I can see now that none of my saved txt files begins with a “d”… every files have the form 39498.7216310d_t0000000.0000000t_.txt

Yeah, it works! Thanx tonfilm for pointing it out!

Take care,

good rendering!