Few more enum nodes


was thinking would be great to have those additional enum nodes. With plugin interface we need to give a specific type, so we can’t have a “dynamic” enum like in enum2ord and ord2enum.

  • Enum2String : Returns the enum as a string
  • String2Enum : Other way round
  • GetEnumName : to have the name of the enum type (eg: BlendMode for example)

Would make some presets saving much easier (for example to save a device name, the ord can change depending on the number of thos connected).


good points.

beta>22 has String2Enum and Enum2String nodes and the String2Enum and Ord2Enum points also return the enums name.

Sounds awesome, think I asked for Enum2String before (for showing Font names), but I wonder what would happen with String2Enum, if you type in a wrong String name, do we get an ‘is valid’ pin?

ouright, String2Enum just got a boolean Valid Input output. if you specify a wrong input the enum output also goes to the enums default.