Feedback ! time sequenced data / animated envelope

hi together!

I attached my patch “seismic activity”, trying to visualize earthquake data in a certain way. I would like to get feedback about the way I solved to time sequence incoming data. Which can be heard by earthquake sounds (on/off toggle) and seen by the sequenced vector rose? I´m not sure if my approach is really correct and stable. The amount of the incoming example data set in the patch is 130, but when starting to examine it will be rised up a lot (> 2000 data).

I would like to put a kind of envelope/wrapper around the animated vector rose. You can see an example sketch in the attached envelope.jpg. Has anybody an idea how to approach this task?

Many thanks

seismic activity / files (770.7 kB)


i’ve opened your patch for about 20 seconds and one thing was very clear. you need to use subpatches. do you know the ctrl+g keyboard shortcut?

without understanding your patch, think about it as follows. which are the independent parts of your patch? where are different parts of the logic?

for example read input data, parse it and convert it to values. this could be the one subpatch called import_data.v4p… or one patch just doing the drawing e.g. render_data.4p.

so that another user who wants to understand your patch can identify the different parts and get the ‘big picture’ with just a few nodes in the startup patch.

hello tonfilm, thanks for the advice, I never did this, but I will try to split it, hope the dependencies keep visible. sueniii

Hello again,

Ok I attached the project, again divided into different subpatches by themes. I hope it works out better now!
My question and feedback request regarding the time sequencing and about creating an animated envelope (see .jpg) are still present.
Hope to get some assistance.

Many thanks

seismic activity 2 (873.0 kB)

a few tips

  1. Empty Spreads are something to avoid until you know what you are doing, there are nodes that are allergic to them (Filestream is one of them). AvoidNil is your friend for these cases

  2. I think the easiest to do the envelope is using filter effects.

  3. The modules are not only useful for breaking down your patch, but also to avoid copy&paste nodes. Merke: any good computer scientist loathes redundant code.

seismic (874.7 kB)

hallo velcrome,
many thanks for your improvements. I only had time for a short look so far, very good about the avoidnil, I try to view everything with more detail in a little while.
nice day sueniii

Hello velcrome,

yesterday I downloaded the filter effects addons. And suprisingly found out that you already presented a solution proposal for the envelope.
I adjusted some parameters and I think its quite good. Maybe mapping the colors of the vectors onto the envelope might be the last task.

So thanks a lot for the help!!