Feature request R Nodes

would be a dream to have an alphabetical sorted Enumeration List for Receive Nodes.


devvvvs you can do this while you’re adding the local scope feature for me ;)

I have another suggestion :)

Im using S nodes to send Midi from a few Midicontrollers to have them always available. This causes the enum list of the Receive node to be filled with ~32 Midi inputs.

It would be great if i could have an enum list split up into clickable subcathegories, listing all my patches that have Send nodes within them.

  • Rightlick on R Node enum
  • -> select patch containing S nodes
  • -> select S node 

Something like that. :)

Maybe there is a plugin for this and im not aware of it. It would make my life easier :D

+1… no text …

alphabetical sorting should be mandatory

@gegenlicht, in terms of grouping sends, consider using message to cons all information of one major part of your project. it helps having a good project structure and less sends