Feature request: nodes linking based on position

Hi devvvs, hi vvvvolks,

I think it could be useful a function that lets user, once at least two nodes have been selected, to link them based on positions, so that when one drags, for example, a GetSlice around the patch, its IOBox “indices source” node follows back.

Ctrl+Shift+L could be it (from Align one could go straight to this anchoring function).

Hope it’s not already there, hidden somewhere!

Thank you


do you mean drag two nodes the same time around? that should work of both are selected…

Thanks for your answer,

and yes, I was meaning that; I noted that sometimes I just think to have selected a group of nodes, but didn’t do it (then ctrl z plus reselect…).
More: when building patch often happens that one have to change, due to chaos in node creating and moving and so on, the position of just a bunch of nodes that constitute, so to say, “group” itself.
So “grouping” nodes I thought would be useful to rearrange quickly a patch.

Yes, there are also subpatches, but this would just mean to move disorder from one place to another.

Said that, I guess such a change it’s not a snap, and most of all not a priority, and neither is appreciated by users as none rated it. It remains just an idea thrown in the rumble.