Feature request: Get rid of scrolling on enum IOBoxes

as title says please please please get rid of it or at least make it togglable as when i’m scrolling the patch i can accidentially break enums and in worse cases the whole system. even worse when i don’t notice i’ve accidentally scrolled an enum and later when i’m searching for what got broken the last thing that comes to my mind is to check accidentally scrolled away IOBoxes.

or make it scrollable only when the IOBox is selected but i’d go with complete turn off.
sorry for shouting out for such a little thing but it is a little-bit counter-productive

+1… no text …

I made a small repro patch

enum_scroll_repro.v4p (6.2 kB)

Hmm… I dont have that problem… I need to rightclick at the enum-box first…

drehwurm: did you try with repro patch? what vvvv version?
i can reproduce the issue in vvvv_50alpha34.100_x86 and vvvv_45beta34.1_x86

could this be a win10 only feature?

joreg: seems so, I am able to reproduce the issue on windows 10, but not on windows 7…

I can confirm that, under win 10 the enums change

it is the case under win8 too

sorry for late. please test in latest alphas.