Feature request: Disable AppCrash error messages for vvvv

For on-site installations and automated unattended environments it might be a great idea to implement this into vvvv.

so no error reporting dialog (AppCrash) would be shown. I know it’s a feedback for users that something went wrong but it’s as useful as just the fact that vvvv exited soo I guess nobody will miss it. I just learnt this the hard way on not properly configured windows :(

P.S.: it’s also interesting implication that any child process should inherit the error mode set by their parent process https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/ProcThread/inheritance


is this the same as disabling error reporting? would that already work for you?

if not, could you write this as a plugin? not sure if should disable it by default…

per-process winapi solution would be great on machines where you can’t guarantee proper configuration (happens more often than you think) although I developed a launcher for our current project which already takes care of this both in winapi and in registry to make sure of things, so it’s solved for me per-se. It was just a suggestion for other people maybe in similar industrial situations

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