Feature request: delete abandonned links/nodes


while patching i stumble over tty-messages like these sometimes:

00:55:43 * : couldn’t connect pins of unknown nodes. deleting action.

00:55:26 * : couldn’t connect pins of nodes DeCons (String) and Separate (String).

if i’m right, these come from Links (or Nodes) declared in the v4p that don’t have valid sources or destinations.

of course that’s a very nice feature that helps with missing nodes and stuff like that. But, on the other hand i think it can cause “bugs” like not saving the v4p correctly or creating temp.v4p’s.

especially when finishing a project i want my patches to be clean. so for now i clean my patches by distinguishing those nodes/links etc. and recreating the affected nodes. sometimes i have to manually clean the v4p by deleting Links to/from NodeIDs that don’t exist anymore.

So the feature request is a menuentry/shortcut that cleans the patches as described above.

am i completely wrong here?
am i the only one?
any workarounds?



I absoultely second that.

We have a large project here and had absolutely wird exceptions when changing patches dynamically. We couldn’t trace the source for these error messages, until we copied the content of the parent patches (and not just one level of parent patches), pasted it into new patches and saved under the same name. That was our routine to ‘clean’ the patch XML. A menu option for cleaning ‘open ends’ would be perfect.

  • eno

hi eno,

i tried your workflow recently, but it could happen, that (if you select the whole patch via CTRL+A) there still were abandonned links in the fresh created patch.

besides that - if i had a free wish:

once a feature can clean all patches… perhaps it can collect all nodes/patches/sub-nodes and -patches/plugins/shaders/assets and pack them into a folder.

but maybe i’m just dreamin

One thing to be aware of if creating such a function is that some times I use a subpatch not connected to anything else to shut down the system.

just a little thought that should not pose the biggest problem


ai sune,

i think you misunderstood…

it’s not about links that never existed, but about links that existed once and are still in the patchs’ xml.

you can check if there are such links by selecting all nodes in a patch and moving them with the arrow-keys one tick. then you get those tty-messages.

ah ok, now I get it, then it makes perfect sense.

a method of locating stray nodes would also be nice though, especially since nodes or group of nodes often appear out of sight when being pasted in which has led to some times having quite a lot of nodes that can not be seen without scrolling quite far out of the patch.


added that command removing all corrupt links for all open patches