Feature request : bang after-glow

0.2 seconds of ‘after glow’ on bang ioboxes
e.g. light gray following the instantaneous dark gray

+1 perhaps something you could set in the Inspektor, I often put a monoflop infront of an IObox to be able to see a bang, it would be nice to have such a feature in the IObox itself


i think devvvvs have to be increasingly carefull with adding too specific modifications to the interface, esp in cases where a modular solution is obvious

obvious but not ergonomic

I always use a counter to catch bangs, but indeed, an afterglow or something visual or something would be nice.

Than again, messing with the actual patch always causes some delays and hiccups, so if it hurts performance, I can live with it as it is now.

@ergonomic: for a start you would need an extra pin for afterglow duration, implying one value or the other seems to be outside of v4’s genome

@ggml - reckon a standard value would work. If not then a value in args

maybe a value in inspektor that is default to 0 seconds or frames, but it still would be a very specific behaviour compared to the modularity of the iobox
args, i think is meant for global switches, not for nodes

i decided to hardcode 0.1s