Feature request - automata functionality

I love automata, it’s made logic sequencing way tidier and more fun. It would be useful to have the following extra functionality -

override state - if an input (event) is set as an override, maybe with a specific symbol in it’s name, it will be active in any state. I alway have at least one input that returns to an init state from any other state (sometimes more than one) and it’s messy to have to write a new quadrupel for every one of these scenarios.

input variables for timings - would be nice to be able to dynamically adjust the timings of the ‘auto trigger’ durations (used to make monoflops and other lovely things). Currently I have to do this using external monoflops and framedelays which isn’t that elegant. If I had this feature I might not need to use the other essential sequencing tool - process (animation).

Thanks x

Have you tried Qfsm? http://qfsm.sourceforge.net/
It can export vvvv automata code and has a “include a reset” checkbox when exporting.

Thanks herbst. I haven’t really no. I quite like just writing the tuples straight in a vvvv comment box but maybe I should investigate.

Really would be good to have dynamic timing adjustment though.

Who wrote automata? Any chance?

Timing can be done by having inbetween states quite easily.
StateA - - press button - - > StateA_to_StateB - - anim_done - - > StateB

And then you have one central place besides your Automata which does “if state==“someState” then MonoFlop and after that bang the anim_done”, where “someState” is only “StateA_to_StateB” in this example but could of course be more than one. Is quite easy and has all control you need. But of course some solution which doesn’t require inbetween states (or at least generates them automagically) would be nice.

Yeah I don’t have a problem with building that functionality but the thing I love about automata is that it replaces a whole load of patching logic and dynamic timings would enhance that I think

do you know the automata track in timeliner? it can do all this too and you can adjust the time periodes with the mouse.

@tonfilm you know what happens when you mention time liner!!!
And set patch that works with it…

and Automata could really use a pin which outputs a spread of all states.
just for ease of use.

@tonfilm and @catweasel

Yes please cotrol+z extremely needed in timeliner also better selectable and bigger keyframes.

Something like that?

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