is it possible to use fbx4v to implort basic animation data ?
i dont seem to find any resource in contributions regarding fbx


what kind of animation you want? if its objects - loc rot scale and rigs, then assimp should be enough


i am after changes in vertexes

like this http://gph.is/2HQpjzR



“Handling node transformation hierarchy properly”
“Instantly use rigged meshes (skeletal animation) coming right from the main SkeletalMesh node”

The bullet points right in the middle of the contribution page after a demo video showing animation done with facial blendshapes using FBX4V.
Also the main girlpower patch shows a model with cloth simulation baked into blendshapes and you can clearly see how to use it.
There are some technical notes though: devvvvs abruptly changed how enums work which shot modules relying on enum reflections in the foot. This means newest alpha or RC doesn’t work with FBX4V yet.


nice! will get back when i manage to install it,
did a basic vpm install, still have red nodes
btw, should vpm not recommend to get ecosystem ?


@microdee: “enum reflection on pins” should still be happening. the alphas just also come with the explicit versions of enum2ord, string2enum (…). Do you have an example of a module that doesn’t work anlonger?


I release my packs with vpm so I don’t have to write elaborate articles about how to make my stuff work. at least that was the aim. I feel like vpm now is on a similar reputation level as ubisoft uplay or EA origin, which I would happily fix if I wouldn’t have 300 other things on my bucket list

@gregsn: regarding enums I still need to test that.


@microdee: alright, thank you!