Fbx skeletal animations

starting out from a recent quote by @microdee

assimp can also load fbx files if you don’t need blendshapes, in mp.dx and mp.essentials there are nodes to handle multiple skeletal animations and skin them per-instance.

im looking into the possibility of importing skeletal animations to v4

here is what packs i have installed, from github:

  • dx11
  • mp.dx
  • mp.essentials
  • mp.fxh
  • noodles

searched what could be related to the topic at hand, i have identified two possible patches:

  • skeletalMesh.vp4 from mp.dx
  • skeletonV2.v4p from mp.essentials

opening md.dx\girlpower\skeletalMesh.vp4 following happens:

  • performer (string) is missing
  • find (string) is missing
  • nodepath is missing
  • missing the test asset, is this it ?
  • enums seem broken under skeletonSimple.v4p

opening mp.essentials\girlpower\SkeletonV2.v4p this is what happens:

  • all mp.essentials.dll nodes are red (joint, make, setjoint, mixpose, cons(skeleton v2), expand(node), sift(string advanced), getjointtransform)

overall i have two questions:

  1. are this the right patches to consider for importing skeletal animaitons via fbx to v4 ?
  2. is it possible to circumvent the listed errors as to get to a working example ?

sorting this out i could to contribute help patches if of interest

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install mp.dx through vpm, mp.essentials nodes are red because the plugin has couple of nodes operating on
velcrome’s messages too. vpm takes care of this dependency.
I have to update those help patches. I’m also being poked by my colleague to sort out my FBX4V/rendering junk but soo many things are more important :(

clean vpm install worked on SkeletalMesh
SkinningSimple is still missing MREInputElements.fxh

  • found it in mp.fxh\obsolete, put it in mp.fxh\ where it seem to belong
  • now the Skinning node is no longer grey but the Skeleton connection between SkeletonSimple and SkinningSimple is red / types dont match
    like so:

SkinningSimple is obsolete, SkeletalMesh is the one you’re looking for

thank you for the help

is there an underlying difference in animating the robot.fbx and animating the astroboy.dae ? could i just convert the astroboy to fbx ?

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