FBX Format Support? - Bones / skinning / Morpher / Blendshapes - Feature Request or Alternatives with assimp?

Next dx11 release will support fbx (from what assimp can, so bones/hierarchy/uvs/models/animation).

yippieh, great news ;)

yeah sounds awesome. lets give it a try and see if it works for the most common features.

Yeah FBX would be great, no one seems to mention that FBX can export PLA animation while other formats like COLLADA CANNOT EXPORT PLA.
PLA is “point level animation” and it allows you to export 3d models which have “animated vertices”. Most exporters only allow for PSA animation (position, scale rotation of your models not vertices) but FBX retains PLA so you can animate your model’s vertices and create all sorts of crazy shit. GO GO FBX!!! And if we do go fbx, please can we make sure that vvvv allows for FBX import WITH PLA animation. Just sayinnnnnnnn… Peace thankx.

This is wicked, nice one guys.

u still gona need to load pointcash for that, and that’s pretty heavy…
also we tested on FBX issues with UV cords, so collada still gonna be better for now

hey i just build the latest master branch from git as i was told that it supports fbx allrady.

Is it normal that those builds do not feature all the fx stuff?
I followed the steps on git dx11-vvvv readme, used master instead of alpha, like i found it somewhere in the forum.
also updated submodule

When building the for Debug I still get an error Metadata file ~ \Debug\Ferraltic.dll couldnt be found.

But it works anyway with beta32.1 x86 - just fx and stuff missing.

I can copy this from the previous full release and everything behaves okey.

Was this build process okey or did I mess it up? :)

Anyway could’t make .fbx file to work with scenefile.

Realy want to try this though…