FastValueInput setting dimensions


I’m trying to make a FastValue-VectorInput , but there seems to be no way to set Dimensions, whereas DimensionNames can be set (albeit it is ignored).


with this method? pluginspecs/html/M_VVVV_PluginInterfaces_V1_IPluginHost_CreateValueFastInput.htm

No like this:

FastValueInput FFooIn;

As seen here:

isn’t an ISpread always a fast value pin?

Mh in PluginInterfaces.V1 you could do something (more or less :) like this

FHost.CreateValueInput("Positions", 2, null, TSliceMode.Dynamic, TPinVisibility.True, out FPositions);
FPositions.SetSubType(double.MinValue, double.MaxValue, 0.001, 0.001, false, false, false);


int num;
double* positions;

FPositions.GetValuePointer(out num, out positions);

I thought in V2 it would be like this:

[Input("Positions", Dimension = 2, DimensionNames = new string[2](Input("Positions", Dimension = 2, DimensionNames = new string[2){"X","Y"}, DefaultValues = new double[2](2) { 0, 0 })]
FastValueInput FPositions;


int num;
double* positions;

num = FPositions.Length/2;
positions = FPositions.Data;

works now, thanks @elias.

yep. to sum it up, this works now as expected:

[Input("Foo", Dimension = 2)](Input("Foo", Dimension = 2))
FastValueInput FFooIn;