Faster screenshot with DWM Hack

hi devvvvs,

Desktop Window Manager(DWM) is the window drawing system from Vista.

with DWM api, you can get any window’s thumbnail (live preview) and drawing it to another window.

I found nice blog about it, and it works well in vvvv with Dynamic Plugin.
(you can testing with attached file)

if the thumbnail can use as texture, it will be fastest way of screenshot. but unfortunately, it cannot use as dx9texture now. just rendering frontest of window.
so, I’d like to share this topic and need help!

already I found these videos and github

it seems we need hacking DWM process. (10.1 kB)

Thats freaky, like an old version of vvvv before we hooked wires up to groups and renders!
Works really fast, and I can see several uses for it already! Thought I’d try resolume and it captures the interface but not the output window, presumably it doesnt use DWM, very interesting project :)

I hope you can enjoy with it. I found another sample but it needs add some registry values.

Hi man! there’s one way to connect DWM Patch with RESOLUME ARENA By SPOUT?

I need to know if you know how to do a version of this on DX11 :))))))))



Awesome!.. no text …

any progress regarding getting a texture from this?

no. i recently checked screenshot in dx11, it seems useful.

but it uses DXGI1.2, which not supported yet in dx11 pack.

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and it is screen capture not window capture