Far plane? What am I doing wrong

In the attached patch you will see that as the camera moves further away, suddenly the teapot disappears. The settings of the far plane in the perspective node doesn’t seem to matter.

On top of that, the strange thing is, the closest objects seems to disappear first, and then the objects in the distance, as if the far-plane is turned around or something.

Anyway, I don’t understand what I am doing wrong, but as you can see, I would like to position the camera based on 2 points, 1 point defining the camera’s position, and a second point defining where I want to look at.

Example of the problem (10.3 kB)

whats the translate going into the perspective good for? if i remove that it looks fine to me. typically Perspective (Transformation) has no further transformation connected above as all view specific transformation of the camera (ie. position and orientation) is handled via the view-transformation. was that it?

Great, thanks.

As I was messing around, I probably felt somewhere down the line that I had to add the translation too, as if the lookat node only influenced the direction. I was wrong about that, that’s clear :)