Fade in Fade out

HI VvVviewrs

Here i i have a multi question ,

In the litle project i,m doing now, there is a filetexture that is been tracked with contour, the thing is
that i,d like to
1-make the filetexture fade in when is activated and fade out when deactivated ,
how could i do that ?

2-when more than one objects triger the activation the file texture is repeated , how can i load a different texture for everytime a new object avtivate a filetexture and the opposite how ca i ignore everynew activation just letting to work the first activation ?

some advice please ?
thank you ;D

by @elektromeier should help you

Cool thanks a lot ,

i manage to get a fade in when activated by adding a toggle to the delay reset value , but do not know how to get the fade out when deactivated ? also any suggestion for the above :

2-when more than one objects triger the activation the file texture is repeated , how can i load a different texture for everytime a new object is moving and activate a filetexture , ?

3-and the opposite , how ca i ignore every new activation just letting to work the first activation ?


don’t understand your questions.

HI kalle sorry for my explanation

I,ll try to explain again ;

I,m doing some tracking with contour , so when
a person pass by , an image follows him , i wanted to
do a fade in and a fade out for the image , i did the
fade in with ModulesEX9TextureSlideShow by elektromeier s

1-I connected contourID} map} togle} to the
TextureSlideShow delayresetvalue } , probably there is
a better way to do that but this one works . the fade in gets when the person reachs inside of the region and the fades out when gets out of the region , i have not figured out how to do the fade out yet , an idea i think would be when the x is whatever number activate fade out ( don,t really know how to connect a certain x value eg . 0.3 to activate anything when reaches the value and also how to invert the fade in )

2-when more than one person triger contour let,s say a man and a child pass by the image tracked is repeated , how can i load a different filetexture for everytime a new person is passing , let,s say one for he man and a diferent one for the child .
I have being looking at S+H for that but have not figure out yet .

3-and the opposite , how can i ignore every new activation just letting to work the first activation let,s say the man pass by so and image start to folow and the child gets into the region afterwards but no action is made for it .

Cheers , hope you can understand now :D

Example patches tend to help m8 ;)
(so we can look at the problem and fix where needed)

  1. For the ‘fading’ part, if you can turn them on/off (with the toggle?) you can also fade them with, for example, an linear filter, and connect that to a set-alpha node to te quad you have the filetexture on.

  2. Think you have a bunch off textures you want to use.
    you can use a GetSlice (node) to select the texture you need.
    If the ID is unique for every person, and stays unique when others enter the room, use that ID to get the correct slice.

  3. No idea what you mean, you want to set a maximum off actions that is done? Use some getslices and I (spreads) to only get the first few actions?? (but you also ned to fix something if there are less than the maximum ammount off actions…complicated).

I add a patch with some ideas, hope it helps a tiny bit…

Fader.v4p (13.9 kB)

HI West thanks a lot i,ll check it out ;D


1-I have not made much progress , after a few days trying diferent ways I am still the more or less the same . i have atached a pach in which i get a fade in when contour turns on but i could not find the way to do a fade out when action is finished ,or i would be happy as well if it fades out after a certain time ,or when reaches a certain x value .

2-is there a node for loading multiple filetextures or streams ?

how do i connect them to a getslice ?


howtofadeout.v4p (14.3 kB)

Hi again , still stack with this newbie task ,
I found a simple way to fade on off when the x is in a certain value but I can not connect 2 inputs to the linearfilter so I just can choose between having the fade on or viceversa but not both off
then i,m sure there is a simple way to connect this 2 orders somehow to the linear filter I have attached a pach for you o see , please have a look for any suggestion .

Cheers and thanks ;D

faderlinearOnoff.v4p (14.6 kB)

i do not really understand your questions,
but i can imagine that these nodes may help you:
FlipFlop (Animation)
Decay (Animation)

you can load multiple textures with a spread of filenames and then use GetSlice (Node) to get the texture you want to display.

does this help you?!?

HI Kalle

I tried the flipflop node with some switch and toggle ,
well i got a sort of mess but i also got the fade in and fade out thingy just with the tracking made from a file stream not tried yet with live cam .

but that,s a little improvement , yes you are always very helpfull
Thanks a lot for your patience and help ;D