Facial tracking recommendation

heyho! i would like to ask you guys if you know more reliable realtime face tracking libraries than what we have in kinect sdk or the FaceTracker. unfortunately i haven’t found an openni middleware capable of similar facetracking method. FaceShift is not an option because i’m planning to implement it in a public installation.
so if you have any other suggestions it would be great :)

i found kinects facetracking quite good. what troubles do you see with it?

found this it says opencv and facetracking with haarcascade files. would be great to have facetracking implemented at image.packs-performance.

well the basic problem with the kinect is that it looses the face very often and it’s not good with fast head movement or rotating the head around. FaceTracker is a little bit more stable but looses the head when it rotates too much too. i found this: http://www.seeingmachines.com/product/faceapi/ which looks just what i need. however i don’t mind if the library is commercial or it has a price tag but the “contact us for price” is a little bit daunting.