Facetracker upside down

Just tried it Quickly using the help patch

The image is upside down. It is the FaceTracker node doing it, video in to video texture does not do this

Tried turning the camera upside down and that helped out.

about the upsidedown-shizzle: seems it depends on the camera/driver. some like it upside down. i didn’t figure out how to detect and correct that.

the rescaling is only used internally for a supposed faster computation. you shouldn’t see an effect other than probably the performance changing. this is an option of jasons library which we just exposed, didn’t seem too useful though…so when you say it changes size i am not sure what you mean.

about the upside down thing, it is the FaceTracker node flipping the image, if I pass it straight to VideoIn it is not upside down.

regarding changing the ReScale, it seems like I change the screenspace size up or down. But so far it seems that it is just getting confused about the resolution changing and need an initialize. but I can see the scenario where it would be relevant changing other than when setting it up, so not really a problem.

and can it track more than one face?

nope, the library only tracks one face.

also for me is upside down! chicony usb2 camera, w764

apparantly I succeeded in posting in the wrong thread, but the cameras I have tested with are both the ps3eye and the built in webcam in my laptop.

me also texture output upsidedown; no matter what camera.

vertices output instead exactly hit the “upside-downed-face” without being upside-down…

unfortunately for me it seems to evaluate only one frame, then it seems frozen. otherwise i am sure to find some patch-around that upside-down thingi…


after a while it starts running with a useable framerate. but that behaviour is still kind of very strange.
will post screenshots soon…

same here,the image is upside down,built in webcam also.

oui, i think i got that upside-down thing sorted. pls check latest alpha.

can anyone confirm this?

working fine here with lastest alpha28,and seems faster than b4.