Faces bin size

Hi everybody,

I’m working on sven’s mighty separatefaces and I’d like to randomly create bunches of faces in order to “break” a geometry, like broken glass. I can get disorted separated faces but I’m not able to connect them vertice to vertice; in other words, I need something like a bin size.

Can anybody give a clue?

Thanx a lot,

Broken Mesh.zip (6.9 kB)

elo ars,

not exactly he answer to your question, but i’d like to point you at the Normals (EX9.Geometry Mesh) node which does some similar magic as svens separate faces.

leave smoothing angle at 0 to get separate faces and play with epsilon…

That’s right! Going to try something with it, thanx joreg!

Edit: Well, Normals is a very good approach of what I try to achieve… but the result seems to be unverifiable, there is not much possibilities to cut the mesh…

Anyway the struggle goes on…

would be cool to make another version of that module separatefaces (maybe with a new name speparateparts) which offers 2 more pins:

  • Faces
  • Face Count

both spreadable.
with the Face Count pin you would specify how many triangles one specific part of the new mesh would have, and with the Faces pin you would select the triangles.

at the end you would want a module which only copies points several times, when they are part of different parts of the mesh.

so you would need to somehow analyze the indices for one part of the mesh.
lets say the face number 0 means index 0…2 of the original mesh.
so in general face x refers to indices (x3…x3+2).

if you now have a list of faces (for one specific part of the new mesh) you would need to analyze the indices referd by the face numbers … (and then somehow build a new point and indexbuffer)
well this sounds very complicated to achieve in a patch. but maybe a plugin could do it very easy (with point and index buffer as in- and outputs).

another solution however would be to copy the points according to these new pins and after that apply the transformations on all points of the new mesh parts at the same time. so the separateparts module would just reorder the indices in a way that it is easy to operate on the parts.
i have that binsize of the iobox in mind to resample transformations in the right way.

just ideas.

Hi gregsn, all of this sounds interesting for what I want to achieve. Indeed, the second solution with binsize is what I thought about.

I’m going to try to make something this way…



I’m currently working on gregsn suggestions and I wondered how could I split an index table into different sized index tables? I’m trying to modify sven’s separatefaces module and I need to start from S+H (Animation).

Any idea/suggestion is welcome

Thanx a lot!