Face tracking with FaceOSC and UDP

Hi, i was trying to do some face tracking with v4 and the facetracker node but it is very unstable in my setup, so i searched for some external tools and found FaceOSC (attached in this post) that’s working much better for me but i can’t manage to decode the udp messages sent to v4… i have attached a screenshot of the string that the udp server node is recieving.

Anybody knows how i could exctract x,y positions and other useful data from those strings?
In my sample setup i’m using a simple webcam in v4 45b29.
Thank you

FaceOSC-win.zip (5.8 MB)

By using the OSCDecode node i managed to get some more readable values, now it would be just a matter of getting the right “addresses” to extract the needed data from that node…
Is there a better workflow than the one i’m following?

We have to wait Vux for fix Face(Kinect Microsoft)
IMHO probably more ‘stable’ and accurate