Eyefinity 6

I can now confirm that the Eyefinity 6 can drive 1+3 outputs as long as one of them is an active Displaport to DVI converter
will try the 1+5 setup next week
btw 4x1 and 2x2x2 also work

is this with windows 7?

yes only works with win7

how about the full six as one spanned renderer?

will try 6 tomorrow hopefully, i need to get some more monitors for that

thanks for the info viktor, does it need the monitors plugged in to start giving an output to them?

I’ve always liked that about the head2go’s that you didn’t need to plug displays into them.

no unfortunately you can set up only after everything is plugged in
+i had to restart once cos it would let me only 640x480 on the hd monitor which supposed to be the control, but after restart it went ok
+its a bit tricky to set up display groups maybe newer drivers will solve that
im experimenting with this cos it seems like matrox is no longer making+selling tripleheads at least i cant buy even one here in hungary
btw this will propably be the next generation for half the price of tripleheads:


defiantly plenty of matrox triple heads around the UK currently. I can’t imagine matrox stopping making them, they seem to sell tonnes of 'em.