External HDMI Capture Card

there are several topics in the forum, none answered;
so here’s another try:

someone already found a solution how to capture a HDMI signal on a mobile computer from an external device, over firewire I suppose…

there is this hauppauge card here, not sure if it’d work:

what about the matrox mxo2 mini? anyone tried?


stumbled upon that one recently.

Black Magic design are releasing a new external capture card.

The Intensity Shuttle.


It’s USB 3 so you would probably need an Express card convertor but it would be cheaper than the matrox.

Careful if you want to get the intensity shuttle, currently no laptops work with it…

from the tech specs:

Installation: USB 3.0. Requires an x58 based motherboard with onboard USB 3.0, or a USB 3.0 PCI Express card and an x58 or P55 series motherboard. Does not support USB 2.0 capture and playback



I heard newer Clevo based ones work with it. Like this one:


Could not test myself, at least they stated on request it would work.