Extending a webcam - what do I need?

Hey vvvvers,

I need to have a Logitech c920 extended, not by much, actually but the camera isn’t recognized with the cable I have. I’m more or less about to go out to the fucking horrible mall of hell (curse you, small town) but wanted to ask about any experience of what will definitely work.


active extension

Yeah, I thought so, It’s just that I’ve been reading things that made me expect to come back from the mall with something that won’t work. But also this which has a happy end :)

Just wanted to be sure.
Okay, case closed.

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I have used many of these with Kinects, XTions, PS3Eyes, etc.:

and these with Kinect2s:

is there a way to go beyond 40 meters?

USB 2 bis 56m
but i never tried

I use to use these with the kinect. They generally work well but not low cost. If they work with the kinect then they’ll work with most webcams I’m sure.