Expr (value)

i have 3 input vars a,b,c i just want to make a simple logic:

if a=1 then b else c

a logic like this is written in the expr. help file but i get an error?

is anybody out there who has a bit more informations about expresions?

thx and greetz


try a = (Value) and connect it’s output pin to a Switch (Value Input)

hi kalle

that means, that this simple logic doesnt work in a expression? in my project i have many cases which i need…how can i connect more than 2 cases to a switch? i think i get only true or false out of the expression. are there some examples how to do a more complex logic?

greetz and thx


check Automata (Animation) and GraphicalAutomata.

Sorry, first time i read too fast.

see attached patch and also Expr (Value)

Expr.v4p (6.3 kB)

hi kalle

both of your expr. send me an error…

unknown symbol: ‘NOT’

i am working with win7 64…is this the the problem?




you can try with that one, should do the job.


ai chris, that is strange. for me kalles patch works (even on win7 64) and i don’t see a reason it wouldn’t work for everybody else.

are you trying this with beta23?

same as joreg here, i’ve tried the kalles patch and it works fine, on win7 x64 and x32

hi joreg, hi screamer…

after instalation of slimdx and latest beta…was running .21…it works fine :-)

big thx

vux: yeaaaa…this is great :-)