Expr (Value)

unsupported functions listed in help file:

  • ARG
  • INT
  • CEIL
  • HEAV
  • SIGN
  • ZERO
  • PH
  • RND


RANDOM doesn’t do anything

major thanks for pointing that out.

i just updated the helpfile with the following information:

Accepted operators:



++ add 1
– substract 1
% percentage
-@ negate
+@ plus

@ IntPower

  • multiply
    / divide
    div IntDivide
    mod modulo
  • add
  • substract

greater than
= greater or equal
<= less or equal
< less than
<> not equal
= equal
in equal
not binary not
or binary or
and binary and
xor binary xor
:= assign
!The following functions are supported; it doesn’t matter if you use lower or upper case:
exp the value of e raised to the power of x
if if x=True (or 1) then y else z
randg draw from normal distrib. (mean=x, sd =y)
sqr the square of a number (x*x)
sqrt the square root of a number
abs absolute value
round round to the nearest integer
trunc truncates a real number to an integer
ln natural logarithm of x
log10 logarithm base 10 of x
logN logarithm base x of y
power power: x
pow power: x^y
intpower integer power: x^y
max the maximum of both arguments
min the minimum of both arguments
sin sine of an angle in rad
cos cosine of an angle in rad
tan tangent of an angle in rad
arcsin inverse sine in rad
arccos inverse cosine in rad
arctan2 inverse tangent (x/y) in rad
arctan inverse tangent (x/y) in rad
sinh hyperbolic sine of an angle in rad
cosh hyperbolic sine of an angle in rad
tanh hyperbolic tangent of an angle in rad
arcsinh inverse sine in rad
arccosh inverse hyperbolic cosine in rad
arctanh inverse hyperbolic tangent in rad
degtorad conversion of degrees to radians
radtodeg conversion of rad to degrees
random random number between 0 and 1