Exporter creates wrong path to default .ico file

in 2022.5.0-1361 and 0336 the exporter has a funky time with the icon file, by default it want it here:

D:\Dropbox___Work_vvvv_examples\C:\Program Files\vvvv\vvvv_gamma_2022.5.0-0336-g1d99d6e55a\Resources\icons\vvvv_MAINICON.ico

I want to add to this I have seen bugs with both the default path for the output directory and icon file.

I had a project that I was previously editing in 2022.5.0-330
I opened it in 2022.5.0-361 and the icon file pointed to the 330 folder

I was working on replicating this issue

I had an instance of 2022.5.0-0361 opened.
I exported the VL.Audio helppatch Wasapi Settings (Which exported ok but failed on run, see that post)
Then I closed Wsaspi Setting and I went to open my app under development to test export that in the same instance.
I opened the exporter
And saw this weird prepend on the output directory path

regarding issue 2, I have the same experience. I tried disabling Vaudio as a dependency and then it worked fine, of course with no audio

thanks, fixed in upcoming preview

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