Exported app trouble loading model / textures

hi all,

I have been hunting a strange bug the last days: in editor everything works as expected. When exporting my app has trouble loading models or textures. But that depends…

I reduced the project to a simple example. now the model loads, but the texture does not. All paths are setup with “ApplicationPath”- shaders, models and texturesas are in the correct export directory.

Did anybody run into similar problems? I don’t know why this is happening.

topo.zip (3.1 MB)

Thanks for bringing this up. Seems to be a regression on our side, because the exported app works when doing it with an earlier version of vvvv (2021.4.5 worked for me while .8 didn’t). Will investigate and report back.

Update: 4.6 also works
Update: 4.7 breaks

Fixed in upcoming previews!


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