Export data to raytracy and make a movie

hi everybody,

since i am getting to an end with what i wanna visualize, i am facing another question. i have a very high amount of data (seperated by stepID) now i want to do a movie running thru all steps and have each “image” ray traced. since i know that this will take a while can somebody pleas tell me how to render /export to another tool where i can render and create the movie?


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have you looked at http://www.fraps.com/download.php . It will capture your renderer for you to a video file.

this is a solution, but this program will just capture the window. i am more interessted in a raytracing solution to have some sweet effects and then capture it with eg. fraps to a movie.

hi valentinx,

there is actually a writer ex9.geometry node in vvvv, so you could use that to export your vertexbuffers. (you probably have to do it as a sequence of meshes if they are dynamic) then find a way (read: bang some sequence loading script together) to read the meshes into your 3d app. apply materials and setup lighting. rinse and repeat… ;)

umpf. i was hoping that there is an easier way to do so. :-( thx. any suggestions which program i should use, or is there anyone out, who can provide such a script (fingers-crossed)

as this approach is rather opposing vvvv’s realtime paradigm, i would not hold my breath ;)

did not someone already build a frame per frame ray tracer which puts out for example single image files? I need something like this and better ask before inventing the wheel again.

hey all

I was looking into making Yafaray or Luxrender plugin set for VVVV recently. Such a thing seems entirely possible but would of course be not compatible with existing DX nodes.

This could be an interesting direction though.
Likely make a real time (the window continuously renders in other threads until its inputs change, then it starts again)
and non-realtime version (save the scenes definitions for rendering later)