Export collada animation(*dae) from 3d max to VVVV

Pleas help me to solve problem! I can’t get to export animation of simple object (without bones) from 3d max file. to *Dae. How to export animation from 3D MAX in VVVV?

have you read through collada#notes on export in external applications

Of course i read HELP. I tried to export and use Opencollada plugin, tried to load triangulate model, but the animation does not work. Also i tried to bake the animation keys, but the animation still does not work in VVVV. Here is my settings of collada plugin:

Do I need to bake the animation before exporting to Collada Dae? And if yes - how made it correct in 3d Studio max? http://i.gyazo.com/3c6fcdfc50926e5d3106ad6f8c2ae786.png

Google is your friend, though this tut seems good.

To have an idea on how things should work in vvvv, open Mesh (Ex9.Geometry Collada) helppatch.

::Google always my friend man;)::
:: I saw an example Mesh Mesh (Ex9.Geometry Collada) . Animation Example accomplished with bone. This is not a parametric animation. Simple animation (position, rotation, scale, modifiers) of objects does not work. I have not jet solution…::
::PS.: Problem is just parametric animation. For example i want to bevel some poligons and use this animation effect in VVVV scene.::

Ah. This is quite a different problem from the first post.
Furthermore I’d say that a collada cube is polygonal, not parametric (all I know is that every software has its ways to manage parametric objects).
So this seems a 3ds related question, which you should ask to 3ds community. Once you have your exported animation working on source software too, which usually is a proof that things went in the right direction, you’ll find help here to manage it in vvvv.

h99 is right. This seems to be a 3ds max question, again I may be repeating myself from other threads but I would advise you to take a look at a video tutorial that I did on the official v4tutorial channel that explains how to prepare 3d models for COLLADA exports, find it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7deQU314LE.

This tutorial is made for cinema 4d BUT most of 3d models’ preparation for collada export isn’t 3d package specific. Also I explain not just how to control in real-time using vvvv but also the limitation and caveats of COLLADA. For example, and this is possibly related to your problem: you CANNOT export PLA animations to collada (that is POINT LEVEL ANIMATION - i.e. when you animate a vertex position as part of polygonal mesh, rather than moving the entire mesh - that cannot be exported in COLLADA (it can in FBX format however and hopefully vvvv will soon allow for FBX import) But you can still do very complex dynamics animation involving lots of models and stuff that can easily be exported to collada and even really complex MOGRAPH animations can be baked and “recorded” in Xpresso to export to collada. (ok that only applies to Cinema 4d since Mograph is part of cinema 4d but I just wanted to illustrate how you can still do complex dynamics and mograph animations and export it to Collada format.


::Good day, Evvvvil!) ::
:: Your lessons are very useful! I started studing VVVV just with your lessons:D I’ll try to find information about export simple animation (position, rotation, scaling and using modifiers). 3D max is comfortable for me, I am constantly working with it. Alternatively is try to study Cinema 4d, but it is another program and is still a lot of time studying same programm…but i think it must be the reason.::

All good mate! I actually only did this one tutorial about COLLADA, all other tutorials are done by @westbam, so thank him! Anyway he is a legend man, such a dope guy and the rumours has it that he comes out at night in Amsterdam wearing a bright purple cape and beats-up muggers trying to rob people! Not just a noder, but also a genuine urban super-hero. LOL
Anyways mate regarding your problem, YES, like I said what you should look into is how to prepare your models in 3ds MAX for collada export, it will be different from my video tutorial as it is based around Cinema 4d but some things will be similar, so you might actually find some help in watching it. Effectively you are looking at BAKING anything that is specific to your 3d package, not just about baking animations but also if you use textures that were built/created inside 3ds max then those textures are specific to 3ds max, therefore they will not work outside 3ds max, therefore you need to BAKE your textures as well. Effectively there is A LOT you can export in collada, it’s just about preparing your models, animations and textures to correctly export to collada that is tricky. Oh and fair enough about using 3ds max man, we all have our favourite 3d packages and it’s cool to stick to 3ds max, you must be able to find how to prepare everything from 3ds max. Anyway good luck man, maybe FLAG one fo those answers as a solution so we can have this thread closed. Peace out