Experimeny with boygroup

hi guys…

i am starting to see the boygrup, and i am intristing to know that is possibile make this thing: i have the basic situation one server and client and they are connect to two projctors, it is possibile have a single screen composed by the two proictor? like an exetend screen?..


depends what you want to show out there, normally you would like to avoid boygrouppping with two projectors since much more complex then running from one pc…

sorry but i don’t understant…

it is a no good idea using two projctor and two pc connect by the boygrupping?

you can use one pc with triplehead or dualhead, it would be much easier, since you will have only one renderer spanned across two projectors. There is more ways to achieve this setup (spanned screens) such as nvidia span mode on xp, ATI eyeinfinity, with nvidia it also possible to have surround setup on w7 but it works only with hi-end cards. If your screen not spanned then you have to think about videotextures, since they would work only for one screen (but in this case you can use vlc plug). In case of generative graphics, images and vlc for video you might be able to end up with on pc and two videocards ( 2 outs on one and patch preview on second)

With boygroupping situation would be closest to the last case, but you will have to separate computers so you would need to think about how the patch would split across them… But i’m sure somebody more advanced in boygroup can give you more details if you describe what you want to show…

thanks so much for this explain. i have not the triplr/dual head and so i have been searching a way to make the function of the dualhead with two pc and two proiector.

the idea is to have a two screens: the firs projector connect to the server the second connnect to the client. the patch on the server and whit it controlls the graphics.

the final effect is like this exemple that : the quad, or a object go from the screen one to screen two, like a big screen …


this can be very simple… once you got the texture you wanna split in the screen, apply it in two (or more) different quad, in order to have half on one renderer and half on the other

then using the Boygroup (VVVV Client) you can go fullscreen with the first renderer or the second, depending on the ClientID

@Luper splitting textures is not the best way, check the Multiscreen and MultiViewport modules, the Renderer can already handle this.

check ‘takethat.v4p’ in the girlpower folder.
it explains the basic boygrouping and with a simple quad how to span content across different clients

thnks so much to the help