Exiting full screen not working

good day and great to be here,
Im doing the tutorial : Tutorial 25: The Sound-Reactive Rope Part 2
I go full screen using ALT+Enter and it works great, fullscreen,

but then I want to go back to non-fullscreen, and it never works, I have tried all sorts of things and I just cannot exit fullscreen, what´s the trick?
thank you so much :)

ALT+Enter it should be to go out of fullscreen.

one thing you can try if it doesn’t work: click the left mousebutton once, then try ALT+Enter again.

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that´s what I thought, I tried that but it doesnt work,
will try what you say, left click before alt-enter

I tried but it doesnt work,
left click before or any other combination and then alt+enter, will not exit full screen,
Im using the latest Dell xps 15 7590, windows 10,
its a real problem, because even when I try that it hangs often and I have to close the entire vvvv to be able to exit the full screen,
any ideas?

what is interesting is that ALT+F4 works and it exits vvvv completely from full screen.
but I just cannot exit full screen at all, ALT + Enter simply will not work to exit full screen no matter what I do before. However it did work for entering full screen.

and when I reload the patches, they start in full screen again so I can never get out of it

There are some nodes that switch a renderer to fullscreen, either the Fullscreen pin on the renderer or a SetRenderer node. maybe you created a feedback loop, so that some logic constantly switches the renderer to fullscreen. do you rememer using any of these?

another thing that could happen is, that some keyboard tool catches or changes the key combination before it reaches vvvv. but that’s just a wild guess.

what you can do is look up the pin in the .v4p file with a text editor and try to change it’s value there before opening it again.

Thank you,
I checked but I didnt find any pin doing that, what I did in the end is edit the vp4 file and change this

<NODE componentmode="InAWindow" id="15" nodename="RENDERER (EX9)" systemname="Renderer (EX9)">

from fullscreen to InAWindow

but of course I still need to find how to go and return from full screen lets see

now it works, somehow now all works great after I resetted the file changing the componentMode, thank you for your help

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