Exec node, where did it go?

Dear folks,
I keep finding not working links to a node “EXEC” in contributions/exec. Where did it go? Has it been replaced by something else? Is there any better practice?
I have come this way looking into FFMPEG4VVVV which requires this node. My original task was to write video to file, but WRITER only supports .avi as fas as I understand. I would like to use other video codecs to produce smaller files.
Any hints?
Many thanks…

Looking at this, https://vvvv.org/documentation/addons-change-log-45beta30.2-01, it seems it’s on obsolete contribution, replaced by ShellExecute (Windows Advanced).
Please let us know if this helps, it would help @zeos update the text in ffmpeg4vvvv contribution page.

and please point out where exactly you find those links so we can fix them all!

@joreg in ffmpeg4vvvv contribution page, inside “You need:” box.

This is the link https://vvvv.org/contribution/exec and is pointing to a non-existent page.

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