Exchanging Nodes

Exchanging the “/ (Value)” node with ioboxes connected by “* (Value)” causes something strange to happen…

…ehm. can you elaborate on that? something REALLY strange?!

well, I thought it was strange because I can’t think of an explanation for this…
The *-node appears with three inputs and you cannot change it back. You have to delete it.

ok. but i still not get your scenario: can you provide an example patch with a before/after situation?

Try the following:

  1. Create a / (Value) node
  2. Conntect two IO Boxes to its inputs and set some values
  3. Replace the / (Value) node with a * (Value) node by doubleclicking on “/” and entering “*”

Now you should have a * (Value) with three fixed inputs.
If you can’t confirm this, meaning this happens only on my machine, I would find it even stranger…

ok. thanks for this amazing bug. never had this before.

gets me to ask:
why is the input 1 of the division just called “Input”?