Exceptions when starting vvvv from root.v4p

When I start vvvv opening directly root patch, I get these exceptions.
Clicking ok, I get vvvv running, but I get Save-as of sub-patch doesn't mark parent patch as changed.

I’ve just noticed that unregistering A28 and registering B27.2 I still get this “weird” nodes, though vvvv seems to work properly.




vvvv.exe-exception-2012-05-26.txt (17.7 kB)

Hello mate,

I tried to reproduce the error you are getting, I am using V27.2 and when i run V28.0 root.v4p works fine. So, i unregistered V27.2 and registered back with V28.0 now root.v4p throws up error message.

I have attached the log i got, hope it helps to understand the bug.

vvvv.exe-exception-2012-05-30.txt (20.5 kB)

Yes, should not be something related to Root patch itself.

aight, the fat nodes are fixed, danks.

the error when starting vvvv via double-click on its _root.v4p is unrelated though and is more a warning than an error (that only pops up in the alpha builds anyway).