Exception ERegistryException


I can’t start vvvv_45beta24, instead I got following Application Error after a new installation of windows xp:

Exception ERegistryException in module vvvv.exe at 00031104. Failed to get data for ‘SP’.

If I use 40beta23 for my patch, it needs now a lot of cpu. I reckon it has something to do with the directx renderer.
I got sp3, DirectX 9.0c on an Asus G1

thanx for help!

helo pexon, please try with beta24.1. this should be fixed already.

hi joreg,
sorra for late responding. I tried, no difference.

mm…and have you installed .net3.5 SP1 as mentioned on the Downloads?

yes… no text …

i know this error came up previously when you had .net3.5 installed but were missing the .net3.5 SP1 update. if you are sure you have this update i am out of ideas…

I made the.net3.5 sp1 and DirectX update especially for this, that’s why it took a bit time to respond. thanx anyway