Ex9 render to virtual web cam. Real? Fast?

Hi, can i export render window to virtual webcam in realtime with good speed? I try vcam and it’s capture only screen area, not render window and when i run vj software it’s start capture part of it’s window. Really bad. + very low captured FPS

Hi alg,

You can have a look at Alex May’s fugStream. It’s not an actual virtual camera but acts the same, finally, thanks to network.

I couldn’t tell more about it, I can hardly make it work with Resolume!

Hope it helps, cheerz!

have a look at the 1st entry here:

Kalle, big thx, i try’ed it, but it’s give very low fps and quality.

ArsRobota, i trying to ask u about streaming in skype, but u dont authorize me.

i have almost excellent results with it.
perhaps it is a question of tweaking all the parameters.