EX9.Geometry's antialiasing and width feature

I think antialiasing feature like a
Line - (Ex9.Geometry)node is necessary for other (Ex9.Geometry)nodes.

Now I use window antialiasing from Renderer’s node,
but I feel it isnt perfect for me.(only me??)

And I also want width feature for other (Ex9.Geometry) nodes.

Im unfamiliar with DirectX so I don’t know how difficult do that and it would be possible.

Im sorry.

Is it very difficult??


the antialiasing is executed by your graphicscard, if you aren’t happy with it, consider buying a better one. how many modes does your card support, mine offer 3 quality steps.

anyway, its not a vvvv issue but a hardware one.

what do you mean with width of ex9.geometry nodes ? do you want to make a box or a sphere bigger, just scale it.

its not a vvvv issue but a hardware one.
ok. I understand. I will try new one.

what do you mean with width of ex9.geometry nodes ?

oh sorry my bad English.
I wanted talk about wireframe’s line weight (line thickness).

anyway thanks Mr u7angel.

solution 1. u could fake the wireframe mode with textures with transparency. then u are free to choose whatever linewidth u want.

solution 2. rebuilt the mesh with the line object, then u can change the linewidth as well. probably hard for a newbie, if u never touched vertexbuffer etc.

oh thanks!!
I will try solution 1 because Im newbie.
That’s sweet of you.

rebuilding mesh with Line(EX9.Geometry) was imposible in my case. vvvv crashes when i feed too many points into Line node. I managed to crash windows also while trying to feed more than 900 points using circular spread maliciously.

erm, something tells me you are right, i tried that ages ago and encountered similar problems. thanks for reminding me.