Evaluate subpatch

I have a project with a number of reasonably cpu + gpu intensive content subpatches. Only the content from one subpatch is required at any one time, so I’m switching the evaluate pins on and off as required.

When switching to certain subpatches, the framerate drops for a few seconds, then gradually increases, in two or three steps.

Any idea what could cause such behaviour?

I’m unable to post the patches but mostly they contain several text(ex9) nodes, various images as textures, and a fair few texture fx and other render passes

if you use text 3d you might need to regenerate meshes
much better to pre-cash all geometry on start then getslice node…

Just using Text(Ex9)

Could there be a strange issue with reloading the textures? They’re quite small though

When I say the framerate drops, In some cases it drops to ~9fps, then after a few seconds maybe 20, then 35, then 60…

Have you tried some process of elimination? Not necessarily related but what does debug mode show as the most intensive nodes?

if it happens only on first run, so 2-d run when you load patch you don’t have lag, try to put a bang onopen to evaluate all.
or put all the content loaders out of non evaluate…

Debug mode not particularly revealing. I have tried process of elimination and it seems to be directly related to the volume of render passes / texture fx though I’m not certain.

I’m already doing the onopen/evaluate all but the problem happens every time I switch patch.

does it still happen with assets outside of the switched patches ?

Ahhhh, I’ve just disabled anti aliasing on the renderers in the problematic subpatches and the problem has gone… I wonder what the issue is?

Oh ok, AA can be quite GPU intensive particularly on high detail scenes like GPU particles.

Yeah but there is an issue besides pure performance as the framerate will increase significantly after a few seconds of the patch resuming evaluation

in theory if you don’t have pure 3d you have to switch of antialiasing