Eurocom and Maingear Laptops

Does anybody own one of those two machines? They look very promising…

Maingear Pulse 11

Eurocom Monster

They seem to have incredible performance in a very small and portable form factor. And all this without rainbow colored aliens.

I’m considering one of those as a dedicated V4 machine for visuals.

Hey Zepi

I can’t comment on your choices… but I have a custom Xenex:

Xenex P370EM3 (2 x 4GB GTX 680M)

Really nice machine =)

@Colorsound has one too (different name stuck on it, same machine though).

I also have a Clevo (P150hm), nice machines, well built, pretty ugly, bulky DC adapter, would buy again.

PS: my screen sucks, get the 95% gamut option if available

I use a Eurocom also, rather nice, mat screen, very good cooling. Yes adapter is very bulky but seller gave me another one of normal size, it s ok.
What i dont really like its nvidia optimus. it cannot be switched off and its behavior is quite annoying. Had some strange flickering when two or more renderers was enabled and with fullscreen, after updating nvidia drivers ok

ah and very poor speakers, indeed